Lock down a copy (or ten) today!

From now until the beginning of July, stores are placing their orders for Once Upon a Time Machine. You may not be able to buy it yourself until October, but if no stores near you order their copies now, how will you ever find it? You know, if too few stores order their proper shares, determining the book’s print run accordingly, even Amazon might end up without enough copies to satisfy demand.

Do you want to push your local comic or book store to order a copy of Once Upon a Time Machine for you…not to mention one for each your friends, and nieces and nephews, and friends’ nieces and nephews? Plus some more for the general public that will surely flock to it, for whom you are selflessly looking out?

Are you afraid that your favorite (or simply your closest) shop might forget your polite requests, when it comes time to put in their orders?

How about printing one of these out and handing it directly to someone in charge of that sort of thing:

If you’d like, you can even write your name and how many copies you’ll pledge to buy from this retailer, right on this piece of paper.

And in case it’s any easier for you:

“Please, sir, I want some OUATM”…as a PDF!

(Right-click and “Save link as…” to download.)

We, the creators behind Once Upon a Time Machine, will be forever in your debt (think of us as genies who can only grant you one wish: great comics!), and you’ll sleep soundly, knowing a copy of our book will be waiting for you the day it drops.


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