October Reviews

We’re right at the end of our release month, and we’ve seen lots of new reviews pop up in the last few weeks that are definitely worth sharing!

(See some advance reviews we found previously herehere, and here!)

Jordan Callarman at Fanboy Comics recommends it to anybody with “fond memories of that big book of fairytales that you used to have when you were a kid,” saying:

“Anthologies can be somewhat hit or miss, but Once Upon a Time Machine is consistently great throughout. With so many different creators, the artwork and writing style is constantly in flux, and I found myself excited to get past each new title page and see what type of story lay in wait for me next. That sense of anticipation stays with you as you work your way through the book, since you truly never know what to expect.”

Melissa Megan at Talking Comics calls out her favorite stories, and sums up:

“It’s a giant book stuffed to bursting with great stories told with truly unique characters, based on classic fables. Every piece presented here is a quality piece of work and will provide hours of whimsical, light hearted reading.”

Bookworm1858, meanwhile, had a hard time picking favorites (but did anyways!):

“Overall: A really great collection-everyone a winner and something to please all tastes!” 4.5/5

Thorverine at Comic Book Therapy struggled with his review:

“I honestly and truly tried to find something to say I didn’t like about the book, but I couldn’t do it. It’s not a 400 plus page narrative, it’s a collection with the same overall theme of sci-fi or futuristic elements. You may not be completely sold on one story, but you turn the page and there is one that completely blows you away. No matter your tastes, there’s something for you in this. I cannot recommend this highly enough and give it a 5/5 because that is as high as it goes.”

Devon Sanders at CHUD.com writes a very personal (*sniffle*) review, adding:

“This is a gorgeous, GORGEOUS presentation. Clocking in at over 400 pages, this book is the type of thing I absolutely adore; beautifully crafted genre stories that take full advantage of the medium of comics.” 4.5/5

Stumptown Trade Review appreciates old stories told in brand-new ways:

“In each case the writers succeeded in pushing themselves far beyond the confines of the story and managed to create something entirely unexpected.”

Jo Ann the Book Faerie does, too:

“I found this to be a most fascinating read…Even if your young ones have no interest in fairy tales, I think this book will grab their interest anyway.”

Stephen at Page 45 talks about his favorite stories and imagery:

“A magical cover by Farel Dalrymple whose cast gives a clue to the contents: dozens of short stories inspired by traditional fables and fairytails, each diverging radically from the source material.”

Kate O’Neil at The Fandom Post has some clear favorites, as well:

“The classic parables told in fairy tales mix surprisingly well with warnings of a future out of control which permeate traditional science fiction. There’s a good range of different art styles, mediums, and choices for subject matter on display in this hefty 400 plus page volume, but I recommend reading it in sips rather than gulps.”

Jordan DesJardins at Comic Booked states his take simply enough:

“So what exactly makes this book so good? Everything!”

Finally, Rob Bricken of the awesome nerd blog Topless Robot recently ran a contest with our help, but not without giving his thoughts on the book, first:

Once Upon a Time Machine is awesome…It’s over 400 pages, is full color, and is somehow only $25 — it’s a steal (and Amazon currently has it for $13.50, which is even more absurd). Frankly, I loved it.”

And if you’re curious to see the Topless Robot contest’s winners…click & see the awesomeness they cooked up here!


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