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Diamond Bookshelf Interview

Recently, Once Upon a Time Machine editor Andrew Carl and producer Chris Stevens (virtually) sat down with the folks at Diamond Bookshelf for a little interview.

We discussed the origins of the book, the creative vision that drove it, and our theories as to what makes fairy tales so enduringly popular and beloved.

Even better, Diamond Bookshelf took the opportunity to share a few never-before-seen finished pages from the book.

Look out for pages from:

Pinocchio, or “The Stars Are Not Wanted Now” by Jason Rodriguez, Scott White, and Jason Arthur

“The Boy Who Drew Cats” by Chris Stevens, Khoi Pham, Jose Villarrubia, and Todd Klein

“The Shepherd and the Weaver Girl” by Saajan Patel, James Giar, Mandy Moore, and Rafer Roberts

Hansel and Gretel, or “Bombus and Vespula” by Josh O’Neill, Senk Chhour, Michelle Madsen and John Workman

And of course, Farel Dalrymple’s cover (it never gets old).

Head over to Diamond Bookshelf’s site to check the interview and pages out…


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Preview: A Destiny Earned (from “The Gold Piece”)

Early on, writer James W. Powell determined to devote his energy to the adaptation of one of our lesser-known folk tales, “The Gold Piece.” Spanish artist Pam López (inexplicably, not a superstar already) and letterer Jason Arthur (bringing just the perfect touch) joined him to create A Destiny Earned —  a charming account of a boy’s journey towards manhood and his parents’ attempts to guide him in the right direction.

See more of Pam’s work at her website!

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Preview: The Crossing (from “The Billy Goats Gruff”)

The Crossing pulls “The Billy Goats Gruff” out of the idyllic countryside of our old storybooks and into a post-apocalyptic, but very familiar, modern cityscape. Charles Fetherolf brought us this wonderful, watercolor one-man-show (from script, to pencils, to paints, to letters).

You can find more of Charles’ work at his website, and in his beautiful self-published comics, Giants in the Earth and Sons of Cain from Giant Earth Press.

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