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October Reviews

We’re right at the end of our release month, and we’ve seen lots of new reviews pop up in the last few weeks that are definitely worth sharing!

(See some advance reviews we found previously herehere, and here!)

Jordan Callarman at Fanboy Comics recommends it to anybody with “fond memories of that big book of fairytales that you used to have when you were a kid,” saying:

“Anthologies can be somewhat hit or miss, but Once Upon a Time Machine is consistently great throughout. With so many different creators, the artwork and writing style is constantly in flux, and I found myself excited to get past each new title page and see what type of story lay in wait for me next. That sense of anticipation stays with you as you work your way through the book, since you truly never know what to expect.”

Melissa Megan at Talking Comics calls out her favorite stories, and sums up:

“It’s a giant book stuffed to bursting with great stories told with truly unique characters, based on classic fables. Every piece presented here is a quality piece of work and will provide hours of whimsical, light hearted reading.”

Bookworm1858, meanwhile, had a hard time picking favorites (but did anyways!):

“Overall: A really great collection-everyone a winner and something to please all tastes!” 4.5/5

Thorverine at Comic Book Therapy struggled with his review:

“I honestly and truly tried to find something to say I didn’t like about the book, but I couldn’t do it. It’s not a 400 plus page narrative, it’s a collection with the same overall theme of sci-fi or futuristic elements. You may not be completely sold on one story, but you turn the page and there is one that completely blows you away. No matter your tastes, there’s something for you in this. I cannot recommend this highly enough and give it a 5/5 because that is as high as it goes.”

Devon Sanders at writes a very personal (*sniffle*) review, adding:

“This is a gorgeous, GORGEOUS presentation. Clocking in at over 400 pages, this book is the type of thing I absolutely adore; beautifully crafted genre stories that take full advantage of the medium of comics.” 4.5/5

Stumptown Trade Review appreciates old stories told in brand-new ways:

“In each case the writers succeeded in pushing themselves far beyond the confines of the story and managed to create something entirely unexpected.”

Jo Ann the Book Faerie does, too:

“I found this to be a most fascinating read…Even if your young ones have no interest in fairy tales, I think this book will grab their interest anyway.”

Stephen at Page 45 talks about his favorite stories and imagery:

“A magical cover by Farel Dalrymple whose cast gives a clue to the contents: dozens of short stories inspired by traditional fables and fairytails, each diverging radically from the source material.”

Kate O’Neil at The Fandom Post has some clear favorites, as well:

“The classic parables told in fairy tales mix surprisingly well with warnings of a future out of control which permeate traditional science fiction. There’s a good range of different art styles, mediums, and choices for subject matter on display in this hefty 400 plus page volume, but I recommend reading it in sips rather than gulps.”

Jordan DesJardins at Comic Booked states his take simply enough:

“So what exactly makes this book so good? Everything!”

Finally, Rob Bricken of the awesome nerd blog Topless Robot recently ran a contest with our help, but not without giving his thoughts on the book, first:

Once Upon a Time Machine is awesome…It’s over 400 pages, is full color, and is somehow only $25 — it’s a steal (and Amazon currently has it for $13.50, which is even more absurd). Frankly, I loved it.”

And if you’re curious to see the Topless Robot contest’s winners…click & see the awesomeness they cooked up here!

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NYCC: Post-Con Report!

Once Upon a Time Machine finally debuted in stores last week, with a killer release party at Locust Moon Comics in West Philadelphia. You can still visit the store and see original art from the book adorning their art gallery!

The day after the book’s release party, we made our convention debut at NEW YORK COMIC CON.

It was amazing.

(from left to right) Jim Giar, Lance Erlick, Charles Fetherolf, Rafer Roberts, Andrew Carl, David Tanh, and our favorite helper, Sophia Lee

Over 20 Time Machine creators were in town for the convention. It was the first time many of us had met in person, some of us having known each other for years and years online. The picture above shows just a few of us at our table in Artist Alley, where we spent the weekend selling books and prints, signing everything, and giving away way too much cool free stuff.

We brought a ton of books to the convention, and we sold…all of them. When people heard what our little (big) book was about and had a chance to flip through it and take in the breadth of vision that comes from packing 90+ creators between two covers, they got really excited. In fact, we spent more than half of Sunday (in addition to the last few hours of Saturday, before we restocked) having to turn excited folks away — we had nothing to sell them!

So by the end of the weekend we were sending interested potential readers upstairs, to Dark Horse’s main booth on the show floor. Because at least they had books to sell ’em…

Our trailer playing on the Dark Horse booth’s monitors.

…until they didn’t.

Even Dark Horse themselves sold out of Once Upon a Time Machine!

Hopefully everyone interested remembered and was able to grab a cheap copy off Amazon or something when they got home. Sorry we couldn’t sign those copies, too!

But let’s get back to Friday night for a second — and our signing at the Dark Horse booth!

(from left to right) Josh O’Neill, James Comey, Andrew Carl, Charles Fetherolf, Jim Giar, Marcus Muller, and Tara Alexander

We met a lot of great people at the signing — many of whom, honestly, were just hearing about the book for the first time. But after chatting with us and seeing what Time Machine had to offer, lots of those folks bought a copy right there on the spot!

We’ve got to thank Dark Horse’s amazing Kari Yadro, who ran the signing, helped get the word out, and just generally made the DH booth a great place to be for us first-timers and our (figuratively) little book that could.

Getting to know our fellow creators better, talking about the book to hundreds of excited & new fans, signing lots and lots (and lots) of books, and working with the great people at Dark Horse…honestly, the NYCC experience could not have been more fulfilling.

Can’t wait for the next one!

[Come see more photos from the convention at our Facebook page.]

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Book Trailer Blasts Off!

Look at this beauty!

Huge, endless thanks to Lance Erlick for spending countless hours perfecting the animation of so many wonderful artists’ work. It’s almost hard to believe that this stuff wasn’t originally made to move.

I recommend watching in HD (720p or up) to really get the most out of everyone’s work.

And in case anyone needs reminding: Once Upon a Time Machine hits comic shops everywhere NEXT WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10!

So get those comic-buyin’ hats ready to go!

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SFRevu “Highly Recommends” Once Upon a Time Machine!

SFRevu, the monthly online sci-fi magazine, has published a great advance review of OUATM in its September issue.

Here’s a taste:

“Carl and Stevens have done a masterful job, enlisting marvelous creators and unleashing them on nearly every fairy tale an American parent (like me) might imagine. It’s a volume that adults and children will greatly enjoy, with clever, insightful, and witty tales abounding on every page.

If you are looking for amazing new visions and interpretations of classic tales, this is the book for you.”

Head on over to SFRevu for the full review!


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Diamond Bookshelf Interview

Recently, Once Upon a Time Machine editor Andrew Carl and producer Chris Stevens (virtually) sat down with the folks at Diamond Bookshelf for a little interview.

We discussed the origins of the book, the creative vision that drove it, and our theories as to what makes fairy tales so enduringly popular and beloved.

Even better, Diamond Bookshelf took the opportunity to share a few never-before-seen finished pages from the book.

Look out for pages from:

Pinocchio, or “The Stars Are Not Wanted Now” by Jason Rodriguez, Scott White, and Jason Arthur

“The Boy Who Drew Cats” by Chris Stevens, Khoi Pham, Jose Villarrubia, and Todd Klein

“The Shepherd and the Weaver Girl” by Saajan Patel, James Giar, Mandy Moore, and Rafer Roberts

Hansel and Gretel, or “Bombus and Vespula” by Josh O’Neill, Senk Chhour, Michelle Madsen and John Workman

And of course, Farel Dalrymple’s cover (it never gets old).

Head over to Diamond Bookshelf’s site to check the interview and pages out…

And let us know what you think, right here or on Facebook!

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Goodreads and Advance Reviews

The early word on this little book has been wonderful, and we couldn’t be happier.

Have you found Once Upon a Time Machine on Goodreads, yet?

Goodreads is a great website that lets you track, rate, review and discuss books that you’ve read and are planning to read (sort of like a virtual bookshelf and book club). If you’re eagerly awaiting Time Machine, for example, you can get on Goodreads and mark it as a book “to-read.” And once you’ve had the chance to read it, you can let the community know exactly what you thought.

Some advance reviews and scores are already up on the book’s Goodreads page and review sites around the ‘net, and they’re quite good!

Go see for yourself!

Here are a few choice quotes…

Chris writes:

Once Upon a Time Machine is what all good retellings of beloved tales should be…hopefully there will be a volume two. This is an excellent book. If you love fairy tales, read it. If you have a daughter, get [it] for her. Get [it] for your libraries. It really is a work of art on all levels.” 5/5


“This faerie tale piece was actually just like an anthology, each author was given the premise of “write a faerie tale, but in the future” and each author produced wonderful worlds that were all particularly unique in some way, yet all seemed to somehow actually fit as if they were happening in the same world. Which is why I say this was a brilliant collaboration piece rather than an anthology. Each author gave a small piece of this different world, maybe on a planet or a space station or just somewhere in the cosmos.” 5/5


“And the portraits between the stories…LOVED them! The Three Little Pigs-ninja style…Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, just to name a few…all of them awesome though!” 5/5


“If only something like this had been around when I was a child. Once Upon a Time Machine blends the classics of yesterday with comic book style to create something truly unique.” 4/5

Kellie –

“100% of the art was amazing. I loved it ALL.” 5/5

Remember, Once Upon a Time Machine will be officially released in comic book stores on October 10, 2012. You can also pre-order it (at an insane discount) from sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, already. We hope that you do!


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Auggie Talk Review: “Once Upon a Time Machine”

Auggie over at Auggie Talk seems to have gotten her hands on a review copy of Once Upon a Time Machine.

She may not be a regular comics reader, but she gave the book a chance…and, well, I’ll let her speak for herself! Here are some clips from her review that made us feel the most tingly inside:

“When I received this book for review I wasn’t aware that it was a comic. At first I was wary, but it was actually very entertaining and spectacularly well done.

“I zoomed through the 400+ pages of AMAZING illustrations and FANTASTIC fable twists. It took a creative bunch of people to come up with such different perspectives on such old fables.
I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the presentation of these stories. Just as the synopsis stated this comic is for both young and old. There is nothing particularly disturbing drawn so parents should have no problem with youngins picking it up, but there’s enough meat in the story that older readers will find enjoyment just as readily.

“I have to tell you my favorite story and my favorite depiction. My favorite story in the bunch was “Rikki Tikki Tavi” (I watched that movie over and over and over again as a little girl) and my favorite depiction was “Little Red Riding Hood.”

“I do very much recommend that you snatch this up when it becomes available in October.”

Read the full review here!

Thank you, Auggie! We are flattered!

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July 12, 2012 · 1:28 pm

CBR & the full wraparound cover!

Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources is definitely excited about Once Upon a Time Machine!

First they picked it as one of the books to look forward to in this month’s Previews. Chris Arrant kindly singled the book out:

Once Upon a Time Machine by Various (Dark Horse) – I love twisted takes on classic stories, and this looks to be just that – fairy tales refashioned for different times. Plus, the creator list seems inspired, with the likes of Ryan Ottley, Brandon Graham, and even mainstream artists like Khoi Pham.

We hope — and think — the book will live up to those expectations!

And now this week, Michael May picked up on a great blog post by Brandon Graham, in order to share with all the CBR readers Farel Dalrymple‘s full wraparound cover for the book and Brandon & Marian Churchland‘s beautiful Little Mermaid collaboration!

Enjoy that astounding cover here — and head on over to the CBR post or Brandon’s site to find the pinup!

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Lock down a copy (or ten) today!

From now until the beginning of July, stores are placing their orders for Once Upon a Time Machine. You may not be able to buy it yourself until October, but if no stores near you order their copies now, how will you ever find it? You know, if too few stores order their proper shares, determining the book’s print run accordingly, even Amazon might end up without enough copies to satisfy demand.

Do you want to push your local comic or book store to order a copy of Once Upon a Time Machine for you…not to mention one for each your friends, and nieces and nephews, and friends’ nieces and nephews? Plus some more for the general public that will surely flock to it, for whom you are selflessly looking out?

Are you afraid that your favorite (or simply your closest) shop might forget your polite requests, when it comes time to put in their orders?

How about printing one of these out and handing it directly to someone in charge of that sort of thing:

If you’d like, you can even write your name and how many copies you’ll pledge to buy from this retailer, right on this piece of paper.

And in case it’s any easier for you:

“Please, sir, I want some OUATM”…as a PDF!

(Right-click and “Save link as…” to download.)

We, the creators behind Once Upon a Time Machine, will be forever in your debt (think of us as genies who can only grant you one wish: great comics!), and you’ll sleep soundly, knowing a copy of our book will be waiting for you the day it drops.

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About the Book

Dark Horse Comics will publish Once Upon a Time Machine on October 10, 2012.

Fairy tales have fueled our dreams and fired our imaginations for centuries. Step inside a time machine built by a collection of today’s finest storytellers, and enter a range of futures where familiar tales are re-imagined in an astonishing variety of styles. Watch the next wave of leading illustrators work alongside superstar creators like Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War), Ryan Ottley (Invincible), Khoi Pham (Daredevil), Brandon Graham (King City), and Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother) to deliver a reading experience that will delight generations young, old, and yet to come.

Edited by Andrew Carl & Produced by Chris Stevens.

Format: 432 pages, Paperback, 6 5/8″ x 10 3/16″

Price: $24.99

ISBN-10: 1616550406

ISBN-13: 9781616550400

Diamond Order Code: JUN120047

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